That they may all be ONE...John 17



Our sessions are fast-pacedadaptive and most of all EXCITING! This is a day of intensive training with immediate payback. 

Learn to take the offensive against the negative barriers to racial reconciliation Christians confront every day.  Never again fall victim to the traps that promote racial divide.  

       You’ll learn why we act the way we do.

       You’ll find out exactly what to say and do in specific situations.

       You’ll become less of a target for the temptation to pick a side.

       You’ll see how to bring out the best in even the worst offenders.

Attend this training and gain the awareness, knowledge and skills you need to build productive inter-cultural relationships, in and out of the church.

Participants are led through varying sessions structured for maximum learning. You'll experience a carefully designed combination of:

  • Informative presentation
    Your trainer is skilled at sharing information in a way that's engaging. Just sit back and take it all in.
  • Practice exercises
    You'll do some of these alone, and others with groups or a partner. Don't worry — no one will be singled out or embarrassed.
  • Group discussion
    Get your questions answered. Share your point of view. These are some of the most stimulating segments of the program.

All designed to

1) explain the definition and Biblical case for inter-cultural engagement,

2) share best practice inter-cultural engagement strategies,

3) harness the practical insight and experience of participants to deepen the learning in real-time.

The information captured in the training discussions are used as foundational material to develop an individual and organizational inter-cultural engagement action plan participants can use to conduct meaningful interactions going forward. Action plan drivers will include

1) purpose and values,

2) visible leadership commitment,

3) learning and development, and

4) a communication plan.



1) Improved knowledge on how Christian leaders can lead the efforts to close the racial divide

2) Improved inter-cultural skill development to translate racial reconciliation into visible action steps

3) Increased clarity about resources to accomplish true racial reconciliation

4) Established intercultural engagement action plan for accountability



This is real training. We respect your time — and your intelligence. Our training content is soundly researched and designed by professional trainers for maximum adult learning.

You get the tops in trainers. Our trainers have real-time experience. At a ONE NATION training, you can always count on learning from knowledgeable experts who know how to teach. 

You see outstanding presentation materials and workbooks that work. That’s because we work to produce produce the most helpful take-home material possible. Our goal is the information you receive be as relevant one year after you attend the training as it was the day of.

You get what we promise. We don’t lure you to our training with a long list of unrealistic promises. You can rest assured, we meticulously crosscheck our promotional materials to be sure they accurately reflect the training content and experience.  No surprises!