ONE NATION Inter-cultural Training for Christian Leaders

Get ready for a Spirit-led fast pace, interactive and fun session of intercultural learning and exchange.  A complementary workbook, along with refreshments and lunch will be provided. 


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$25 - per class

All Inclusive:   Expert Facilitation |  Interactive Classroom  |   Training Material  I    Meal   |     Refreshments    |   Networking

Follow-up Coaching Session, Available Upon Request

For Group registration, please contact


Consider this: In one fast-paced day, you’ll gain an advantage that will continue to pay off for years to come, starting the very next day. If that’s not incentive enough, here are 4 more reasons to register now:

1. Your congregation or organization will welcome and admire your initiative. After all, they’ll benefit by working with someone who has answers to some of the very same problems they face.

2. In a single day, you’ll learn strategies that will last you a lifetime. This training is full of specific ideas you can put to use right away. You’ll leave eager to try them and confident they’ll work.

3. You’ll learn people skills that will be noticed — and most likely copied — by others. Tact and skill in handling difficult racial questions is an enviable traits. In no time at all, you’ll see direct results in your dealings with all kinds of people. And they’ll see the difference in you, as well.

4. Your day will fly by. When learning is fun, time goes fast and what you learn sticks. You’ll be surprised when the training ends — and impressed with how much you’ve learned.

ONE NATION Training is a great opportunity for you to build your personal power and benefit your church or organization in the process.

We hope you’ll plan now to attend!